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红糖冬瓜茶食谱 Winter melon tea recipe

新年期间,不停的吃年饼,而且天气又热,导致喉咙痛,长青春痘。这个时候最好就是来一杯冰凉或热的冬瓜茶,可以帮助解暑,解热。冬瓜蜜步骤简单,好喝又健康。 With all the fried food and cookies during chinese New year, it had caused sore throat and pimples! Therefore Winter melon tea are very useful to reduce the heat from our body. 食材 Ingredients: 一粒冬瓜大约1.5kg Winter Melon~1.5kg 400g红糖 400gdark brown sugar 100g冰糖 100g rock sugar 步骤 Steps: 把冬瓜清理干净,连皮和籽一起切成小块。Clean up the melon, and cut into […]