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Stop Lynas!! Save Malaysia!!

Being a part of Malaysian, we really concerned over the possible deleterious health effects from radioactive and other toxic waste residues of the proposed Lynas Rare Earth Refinery Project to be located in Gebeng, Pahang. Therefore we support “Stop Lynas! Save Malaysia” action.               To SAVE OUR FUTURE!!  STOP LYNAS!! Read more →

Playing fetching game with my PomPom

My little 6-months-old Pomeranian named PomPom. She loves dancing, play fetching game and play “run and catch game”.   Pomeranians are a fantastic blend of cheeky high energy playfulness and loving affectionate companion dog. One moment Pom will running around with fully charge energy, one moment Pom will happily snuggled up on your lap in front of the TV. Read more →

My name is Boo

Who is Boo? Have you ever seen a real dog looks exactly like a cute plush toy? Let me introduce you to the most adorable Pomeranian, his name is Boo.  He is well-known all around the world through facebook. One glimpse of him, you will fall in love to him. He will certainly bring an instant smile to your face.   Read more →