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寻找家园 Where is Our Home?

我要寻找一个新的家园。 I am looking for a new home. 这里曾经是一片草原。This was a beautiful field. 以前我最喜欢躺在这个草原上。 I enjoyed lying on this field. 突然一阵黑沉沉的浓烟扑满了天空。 Suddenly the sky was blanketed with thick smoke. 原来是野火不停的蔓延,把森林烧的热烘烘。It was the wildfire that keep spreading and made the forest extremely hot. 仿佛火儿们在欢呼吞没了整个森林。 It is like the fires cheering for engulfing the entire forest. 大火把绿色的森林变成灰色了。 […]

Illustration stories, Illustration 绘图

一朵小云 one small cloud

一朵小云 One small cloud   许多朵小云。 Many small clouds.   大风吹,我们手牵手。 It’s getting windy, let’s hold hand.   聚在一起,大风也吹不散。 Together the wind can’t separate us.   太阳也来了。 Sun is here too.   太阳太热情了,好热! The sun is too hot!   大家来杯饮料。 Let’s have a cool drink.   满肚子都是水。 Too much water in tummy.   下雨了。 It’s […]