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Food Illustration in Malaysia, Illustration 绘图

印度烤饼Naan, 多屑Tosai和印度全麦煎饼Chapati -大马美食 Malaysia food

之前画了关于马来西亚人如何点印度煎饼 roti canai,现在也要画关于Naan,Thosai和Chapati。 Earlier I drew about types of Roti Canai in Malaysia. So this time I draw about Naan, Thosai and Chapati. Naan 印度烤饼 Naan 主要食材有面粉,酵母,水和盐。擀成圆片的面团沾在tandoor 印度烤炉里边,炉里烧着碳,就会把面团烤熟。Tandoori 坦都里烤鸡也是如此烤熟。 Naan main ingredients are flour, yeast, water and salt. The dough roll into a round shape and bake in tandoor. Dosa / Thosai /Tosai 多屑 Tosai […]