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Water Chestnuts Jelly 红糖马蹄果冻

红糖马蹄果冻Water chestnuts Jelly Ingredients 材料:15g Agar Agar powder 燕菜粉50g Dark brown sugar 红糖10 water chestnuts 10粒 马蹄 (minced)(切碎)1lit water 水 Method 做法:1. Boiled and melt agar agar powder and sugar in the water.把燕菜粉和糖融化在水里2. Pour in a pan and sprinkles the water chestnuts.倒入一个盘,加入马蹄碎。3. Let it cool and hardened. 放一边,冷却。 红糖马蹄果冻,爽口清甜,吃了也不会有负担,非常适合饭后甜点。Water chestnuts jelly best served as light dessert […]