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Kopi Peng 咖啡冰

001. Kopi Peng 咖啡冰 Kopi peng 的“peng”是福建话里的“冰”。在马来西亚买饮料或食物要带走,我们通常会说“打包”, 如果是饮料,店家会问绳子绑一边(ikat tepi)还是全绑(ikat mati),绑一边是方便我们可以直接用吸管喝饮料,全绑就不会漏出来,方便带回家。 Kopi peng, the word “peng” is hokkien word meaning “ice”. In Malaysia, if we want to take away food or drinks, we use the word “tabao”. If buy drinks, the seller might ask whether want to tie at the side (ikat tepi) or tie entirely […]