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Unwanted Dogs

I love animals, I dislike animal abuse, it breaks my heart to see any mistreatment to animals or pets. But I do not know that a small action I did has caused a big different to the pets to be alive or dead.   Earlier I met a friend, he is selling puppies for the […]

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A Mistake! A Decision! A LIFE!!!!

Euthanasia (Put to sleep)  is define as the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering. But when Euthanasia were taken not because to relieve the pain or suffering of the one, is that called murder or killing? Recently, I just heard a story from a friend about her friend, Jim just put his dog to sleep.   […]

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My name is Boo

Who is Boo? Have you ever seen a real dog looks exactly like a cute plush toy? Let me introduce you to the most adorable Pomeranian, his name is Boo.  He is well-known all around the world through facebook. One glimpse of him, you will fall in love to him. He will certainly bring an instant smile to your face.