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Water Chestnuts Jelly 红糖马蹄果冻

红糖马蹄果冻Water chestnuts Jelly Ingredients 材料:15g Agar Agar powder 燕菜粉50g Dark brown sugar 红糖10 water chestnuts 10粒 马蹄 (minced)(切碎)1lit water 水 Method 做法:1. Boiled and melt agar agar powder and sugar in the water.把燕菜粉和糖融化在水里2. Pour in a pan and sprinkles the water chestnuts.倒入一个盘,加入马蹄碎。3. Let it cool and hardened. 放一边,冷却。 红糖马蹄果冻,爽口清甜,吃了也不会有负担,非常适合饭后甜点。Water chestnuts jelly best served as light dessert […]

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红糖冬瓜茶食谱 Winter melon tea recipe

新年期间,不停的吃年饼,而且天气又热,导致喉咙痛,长青春痘。这个时候最好就是来一杯冰凉或热的冬瓜茶,可以帮助解暑,解热。冬瓜蜜步骤简单,好喝又健康。 With all the fried food and cookies during chinese New year, it had caused sore throat and pimples! Therefore Winter melon tea are very useful to reduce the heat from our body. 食材 Ingredients: 一粒冬瓜大约1.5kg Winter Melon~1.5kg 400g红糖 400gdark brown sugar 100g冰糖 100g rock sugar 步骤 Steps: 把冬瓜清理干净,连皮和籽一起切成小块。Clean up the melon, and cut into […]

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Five spice Lobak recipe 五香粉春卷食谱

五香粉春卷是马来西亚家喻户晓的一道美食,马来西亚人称它为Lobak (卤肉)。外层酥脆,内陷软绵入口即化,沾上辣椒酱,太好吃了 。春节当然不能没有 lobak 啊,所以这个春节的来临,我准备了两种口味的lobak,一个是芋头馅料,一个是沙葛馅料,满满的馅料,满满的爱。 Lobak is a famous dish in Malaysia, Malaysian loves this cuisine because it is so flavourful with crunchy outer layer, but soft and chewy filling. The taste gets better by dipping with chili sauce. This coming Chinese New year, I prepared two types of Lobak fillings, yam and sengkuang fillings, […]

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简单美味牛轧糖食谱 Easy homemade Nougat recipe

记得4年前,第一次带10个月大的栗子到欧洲自游旅行,在比利时和法国到处都看到卖牛轧糖,而且价钱都很贵。我们只能站在店外,吞咽着口水,看着那热喷喷刚出炉的牛轧糖。我是喜欢吃软软的牛轧糖,不喜欢硬的牛轧糖,在外卖的价钱可不便宜,还是自己做吧!发现自己做真的很简单! 传统牛轧糖都是用鸡蛋白和糖制作,但现代许多食谱都简单化,用软糖来取代鸡蛋白。这可以减少鸡蛋白导致食物中毒的机率和方便制作的过程。 有些食谱是建议用奶粉和软糖的搭配,而我个人比较喜欢用白色巧克力和软糖的搭配,口感会比较软,但比较扎实。 During our first self Europe tour with 10 months old Chestnut about 4 years ago, I remember we can see nougats selling everywhere on Belgium and Paris street. The price was not cheap, so we stood in front of the shops, drooling by the smell of the fresh made nougats. I prefer […]

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香茅黄姜烤鸡配脆饼皮Lemongrass tumeric chicken with crunchy basil tortilla

我很喜欢香茅,香茅是许多马来西亚食物不可缺的一个食材。 黄姜也是一个营养价值很高的食材,它可以增强免疫力,预防心脏病,老年痴呆症和癌症等等。 用这两个食材来烤鸡肉,不但营养成分高,而且非常美味。 I love lemongrass, it is an amazing ingredient that can add so much fragrance to your cooking. Tumeric also a wonderful ingredient with so many benefits such as potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s or cancer. It also a potent anti inflammation and antioxidant. Baked chicken with Turmeric and lemongrass give a […]

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猪肉干食谱 Bak Gua recipe

新年当然少不了肉干啊! 新年期间外面卖的肉干,不但价格贵,而且我们还会担心是否有添加防腐剂,色素,品质改良剂等等。 既然那么多的顾虑,不然我们自己在家自制肉干吧,安全又健康。方法非常简单,而且很好吃。 Bak Gua is a must in Chinese New Year. But Bak Gua is always very costly during chinese new year. Besidde that, we also concerned about the added preservatives and colouring in Bak Gua making outside. Therefore it is better that we make our own Bak Gua. With these simple steps, you […]

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十二生肖德国酥饼 Chinese Zodiac German cookies

    之前我分享了这个酥饼的食谱,可以观览:小猪德国酥饼 同样的食谱,你也可以做出不同的款式,12生肖酥饼实在太可爱又好玩。 以下是我做的12生肖酥饼造型提供给你们参考, 绿色用绿茶粉 红色用甜根粉 灰色可以用黑芝麻粉或碳粉 褐色可以用可可粉 PS: 不要放太多颜色粉,避免面团太干会导致烤时干裂。 启发你们的创意,烘培会变得更有趣。 As for your information, I had share the recipe earlier, kindly refer Piggy German Cookies With the same recipe, you can make different pattern of Chinese new year cookies. I made these 12 Chinese Zodiac animals cookie for your reference. Green colouring – […]

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双色饺子 Duo colours dumplings

农历新年快到了! 大家开始想团圆饭要准备什么佳肴了吗? 就做饺子吧!饺子是中国传统逢过节过日在餐桌上不可缺的佳肴。煮法你可以选择蒸,煎,水煮,炸或火锅料理也可以,馅料也是任你创意的选择自己喜欢的材料。 这双色饺子,采用了天然的色素,鲜艳的饺子让团圆饭变得更喜气洋洋。 Chinese New Year is coming soon. Have you plan for your reunion dinner menu? How about making this duo colours dumplings, this colorful and flavorful cuisine will make your reunion dinner merrier.   Ingredients 材料: Dumpling wrapper/skin 饺子皮 Plain flour 3 and half cups 中筋面3杯半 water 1 cup 白开水大约1杯 Beetroot 甜根 […]

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小猪德国一口酥 Piggy German Cookie

小猪来拜年啦! 今年年饼–> 小猪德国一口酥 我做的是少甜,浓浓的奶油香味加上淡淡草莓口味,入口即化,天然色素,好吃! 大家可以试看这个食谱。 Happy Piggy chinese new year. This recipe is less sweet, strong butter taste and mild strawberry aroma. I natural ingredients and it melts in mouth. Ingredients 材料: 125g Unsalted butter (sofete) 无盐奶油 125g Potato starch 马铃薯淀粉 90g Cake/ superfine flour 低筋面粉 20g Icing sugar 糖粉 20g Nesquik strawberry milk powder […]

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Double Chocolate Chips cookies

  When you are feeling exhausted, have a cookie! You will feel relax. When you are feeling depress and down, have a cookie! You will feel better. When you are stuck and can’t make up your mind, have a cookie! You will find your way out. When you are starving and craving for a scrumptious food, have […]

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Double apple pork patty burger

I love burger, especially with the juicy thick patty. But I often can’t find a restaurant can satisfied my craving. They are either very expensive or the burger is tiny or it don’t fit my taste. Besides, with current Malaysia economy, all the outside food are shrinking in size and high in price. This is […]

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Apple pie

It was like my first pregnancy, often woke up early in the morning and can’t sleep back. Today woke up at 5.30am and suddenly craving for apple pie, therefore wake up and make it for myself.  It’s easy to make an apple pie, if you have the pastry crust in ready. As I bought the […]

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Chicken pie

It is a very simple recipe, it will be better if you got time to make your own puff pastry, but I just choose a simple way out, I used the ready made puff pastry bought from hypermarket. Ingredient: Ready made frozen puff pastry Chicken fillet Button mushroom Onion and garlic Cooking cream Potatoes Salt […]