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Pure Breed Vs Mixed Breed

Can’t make up your mind to go for Pure or Mixed Breed? Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of each. Pure Breed Advantages Disadvantages Predictable physical traits (Physical traits such as size, coat, and colour) You have to accept with the predicted traits of the dog (You have to research the breed’s predicted traits […]


Lassie, the Collie

A Rough Collie  breed, Lassie‘s classic character first appeared in “Lassie Come Home” novel,  a character created by Eric Knight in 1940. The novel proved so popular that a filmversion was made in 1943, in which the male dog Pal played the female Lassie—a gender-bending role that he would continues in six more films and two television series.   […]


Hachikō, the Akita

Many years ago, I was listening to the radio, I heard the DJ sharing the story of the great Hachiko in Japan which waited for his long passed away master to return home in a railway station for 9 years. Ever since, the story remain in my mind as I am so touch and overwhelm by it’s uncondition love and loyalty.   Today, my admiration towards […]