Gram cafe Premium pancake

Gram cafe Premium pancake is one of the best and popular pancake sold in Japan.

This soufle pancake is so fluffy and it just effortlessly melted in your mouth. The provided syrup blends so well with the strong buttery aroma and the soft and creamy texture of the pancake, it taste superb.

I tried this during my visit to Osaka, they only sells 120 soufle pancakes per day.

Everyday they have 3 slots, at 11am, 3pm and 6pm. Each slot sell 40 servings and each serving cost 920円.

You can easily find this cafe by google map. The cafe requires everyone who dine in must at least order one item from their menu, there are variety of drinks, coffee and pancakes.

Now Gram cafe has many outlets throughout Japan, you can refer to their website to find the list of their outlets. List of Gram cafe Japan.

For Malaysian who wish to try this, you do not need to travel 7-8 hours away from home, you can just make a visit to our neighbour city Bangkok, they also have Gram cafe Bangkok outlet at Siam Paragon.

This is a must eat pancake for pancake lover, it is totally
different from all the traditional pancake I had tasted.

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