Rojak 罗惹


“Rojak”也是大马人用的一个形容词,形容混合各种方面的意思。比如,大马人常说的”Rojak”语言, 意识是混合了不同语言,有马来语,华语,福建语等等。

想到rojak, 我开始怀念我小学对面的 rojak ah chai 档口了。

Rojak is a mixture of variety of food, it consists sweet and sour juicy fruits, sweet but salty prawn paste, top with crunchy crackers and roasted crushed peanuts. It looks complicated and not appealing, but once u taste it, it will surprise your taste buds, and you will crave for more.

“Rojak” also a popular term used by Malaysian to describe mixture of everything. For example, Malaysian speak “Rojak” language. It means we speaks plenty languages at the same time.

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