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红糖冬瓜茶食谱 Winter melon tea recipe


With all the fried food and cookies during chinese New year, it had caused sore throat and pimples! Therefore Winter melon tea are very useful to reduce the heat from our body.

如果没有红糖,可以用片糖来取代,但用红糖效果最好!If do not have dark brown sugar, can substitute with brown sugar.

食材 Ingredients:

一粒冬瓜大约1.5kg Winter Melon~1.5kg

400g红糖 400gdark brown sugar

100g冰糖 100g rock sugar

步骤 Steps:

  1. 把冬瓜清理干净,连皮和籽一起切成小块。Clean up the melon, and cut into small cubes without removing the skin and seeds.
  2. 放进煲里,加入红糖搅拌均匀,腌制半小时。Put all into pot, add dark brown sugar, stir and mix evenly. Put a side to marinate for half hour.
  3. 大火烧开,加入冰糖,转至小火慢煮两个小时。High fire till boil, add rock sugar. Then turn into low fire to boil for 2hours.
  4. 煮至冬瓜变咖啡色,果汁浓稠。关火,待一旁冷却。Boil until the melon become darker colour and thicker juice. Turn off the fire and put aside to cool.

5.  过筛,过滤渣,把全部水份挤出来。Sieve and strain the juice out.

6. 剩下的精华就是冬瓜蜜,可以冷藏一个星期。要喝时,舀出来加水就可以喝了。Store in airtight container, can keep up to one week in refrigerator. Scoop out and mix with water when you want to drink.

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