Five spice Lobak recipe 五香粉春卷食谱

五香粉春卷是马来西亚家喻户晓的一道美食,马来西亚人称它为Lobak (卤肉)。外层酥脆,内陷软绵入口即化,沾上辣椒酱,太好吃了 。春节当然不能没有 lobak 啊,所以这个春节的来临,我准备了两种口味的lobak,一个是芋头馅料,一个是沙葛馅料,满满的馅料,满满的爱。

Lobak is a famous dish in Malaysia, Malaysian loves this cuisine because it is so flavourful with crunchy outer layer, but soft and chewy filling. The taste gets better by dipping with chili sauce. This coming Chinese New year, I prepared two types of Lobak fillings, yam and sengkuang fillings, lobak is a wonderful hearty food you can make for your family.


食材 Ingredients:
猪绞肉 500g 500g Minced pork
红萝卜 1个 (切丝)1 carrot, sliced thinly
葱 4 条 4 stalks of spring onions
黄洋葱 1粒 (切碎) 1 onion, chopped
蒜 1粒 (切碎) 1 garlic, chopped
马蹄 5粒 (切碎)5 water chestnuts , chopped
鸡蛋 1粒 1 egg
腐皮(不咸)bean curd skin(unsalted)
五香粉 2小匙 2 tsp Five spices powder
胡椒粉 1小匙 1tsp pepper powder
蚝油 1大匙 1tbsp oyster sauce
料酒 1大匙 1tbsp cooking wine
面粉 2大匙 2 tbsp flour
盐 1 1/2 小匙 1 1/2 tsp salt

(A)沙葛馅料 jicuma/ Bengkuang/sengkuang fillings
沙葛 半粒 (掌心大)(切丝)
虾 10个 (剁碎)
1/2 bengkuang (palm size), sliced.
Prawn 10pieces, chopped

(B)芋头馅料 Yam fillings
芋头 半粒(掌心大) (切条)
1/2 yam (palm size), cut strips


玉米粉 1大匙 Corn starch 1tbsp


  1. 把全部第一部分的材料混合,搅拌均匀。

Mix well all the ingredients in the first part.

2. 搅拌均匀后,把肉团分成两部分,一部分放进另一个碗。

Separate two portions, put one portion into another bowl.

3. 把切条状的芋头,拿去蒸3分钟,不要蒸太软。

Steam the stripped yam for 3 min, do not steam until the yam are too soft.

4. 把 (A) 材料加入其中一份肉团,搅拌均匀。同样把(B)材料加入另一份肉团,搅拌均匀。准备一大匙的玉米粉,加点水,变成粉浆用来沾腐皮。

Mix well the (A) ingredients into one of the portion. Repeat the same step by mixing the (B) ingredients into another portion. Prepare a bowl with 1 tbsp cornstarch mix with little water to become as glue.

5. 包春卷,把馅料放在一片腐皮上,从底部将肉馅卷起。最后,抹上粉浆黏起来,旁边也是放些糊,压一压便可以了。

Put the fillings on top of the bean curd, roll up from bottom, put the cornstarch to stick. The sides also put a little bit of cornstarch and press hard to stick.

6. 包好春卷后, 在蒸炉上抹上一层油,把春卷放上去,蒸大约15分钟。(这样春卷比较不粘锅)

After all wrapped up, wipe a layer of oil on the steam pan, put in all the lobak and steam for 15min.

7. 春卷已经蒸熟了,乘凉后,就可以冷藏。想吃的时候,拿出来煎一煎就可以吃了。

The lobak are cooked, you can keep in freezer. You can fry it when you want to eat.



Dip with chili sauce, it taste so gooood. Enjoy your lobak!


P/s: 如果肉馅少于其他材料,这个春卷就会比较不扎实。If meat is less than other ingredients, the internal fillings will be loose.

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