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简单美味牛轧糖食谱 Easy homemade Nougat recipe




During our first self Europe tour with 10 months old Chestnut about 4 years ago, I remember we can see nougats selling everywhere on Belgium and Paris street. The price was not cheap, so we stood in front of the shops, drooling by the smell of the fresh made nougats.

I prefer soft and chewy nougat than hard nougat candy. I found the recipe is quite simple, everyone can make it at home.

Traditional nougats are made by sugar and white egg. But this recipe had been simplified by using marshmallow. This can reduce the risk of salmonella poisoning and very simple making steps.

There also recipe using the combination of milk powder and marshmallow, I personally prefer white chocolate and marshmallow combination, I think it’s softer and chewy.

材料 Ingredients:

250g 原味软糖 250g Marshmallow
170g 白色巧克力 170g White chocolate
南瓜籽,杏仁片和蔓越莓干, 每半杯
Pumpking seeds, almond slices and dry cranberries 1/2 cup each
一大匙牛油 1 tbsp of butter

步骤 Steps:
1. 小火热锅,一大匙的牛油平均抹在锅里。

Small heat 1 tbsp butter, evenly spread on the pan.



Pour in the white chocolate, keep stirring till melt.



Pour in the marshmallow and also keep stirring till melt.


4.加入剩下的食材, 搅拌均匀,关火。

Add in the remaining ingredients.


5.把糖浆倒入烘培纸上,由于有点热,可以用另一张纸盖在上面,用木棒推大约0.5cm 厚。当糖浆不热时,可以用手推。(我喜欢薄片,通常是1cm厚度)

Pour the mixture into a cooking tray with baking paper. Put another piece of baking paper on top of the mixture, roll with the pin till 0.5cm thick. When the mixture not so hot, you can press using hand.( I like thin layer, normally is 1cm)



Keep in the fridge for 2 hour, cut into cubes. Wrap with baking paper or candy wrap.





This is a wonderful original flavor nougat, it is chewy, soft and doesn’t sticky to our teeth. Can up to two months in freezer.

I tried similar recipe by adding different flavors earlier, the outcome are not pleasingly good. The added matcha or cocoa powder, the nougat become hard, the added strawberry jam, the nougat become too soft and moist. Therefore I still need to redo and research on the amount of ingredients added.

This blog was started when I got Cookie (Golden retriever) into my house, initially is all about pets and then it extended to talk all about my life, my daughters Chestnut and Jane, my travel experiences, recipes and my passion towards art and crafts. So it kinds of "Rojak" blog, that tells about everything that I love and experience. And I'm happy with my "rojak" life.

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