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香茅黄姜烤鸡配脆饼皮Lemongrass tumeric chicken with crunchy basil tortilla



I love lemongrass, it is an amazing ingredient that can add so much fragrance to your cooking.
Tumeric also a wonderful ingredient with so many benefits such as potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s or cancer. It also a potent anti inflammation and antioxidant.

Baked chicken with Turmeric and lemongrass give a superb flavorful taste and high nutrition.



烤鸡 Baked chicken

900g 鸡胸肉   900g chicken breast

3 个香茅  3 stalks lemongrass

1 大匙黄姜粉   1 tbsp turmeric powder

盐,胡椒和杂香草调味腌料  salt, pepper and mixed herbs for marination

1 粒红皮萝卜 1 red-skinned radish

1 手撮毛豆  a hand full of edamame (optional)


罗勒饼皮 Basil tortilla 10-12 pieces

1 1/2 杯面粉 1 1/2 cup of flour

小撮盐 pinch of salt

小撮罗勒粉 pinch of basil herbs

1/3 杯温水 1/3 cups of warm water

2 大匙橄榄油 2 tbsp of olive oil

(喜欢松软饼皮,可以加1/3 小匙泡打粉) (Preferred soft and dense texture, can add 1/3 tsp baking powder)


步骤 steps:

  1. 红皮萝卜切块,盅碎香茅,然后与黄姜粉,盐,胡椒和杂香草放入鸡肉,腌制一小时。

Cut red skinned raddish into cubes, crushing the lemongrass using pestle, add turmeric powder, salt, pepper and nixed herbs into chicken breast and mix well, put aside marinate for 1 hour.

2. 做饼皮面团,把全部饼皮材料揉匀,放一旁用湿布盖着休息20分钟。

To make tortillas, mix all tortilla ingredients, and knead and mix well, close with damp clothes set aside for 20min.

3. 把面团切成小块,木棒推至薄片。热锅不用加油,中火煎1-2分钟,反面再煎1-2分钟。

Cut the dough into smaller pieces, roll into thin layer circle. Heat the pan without oil, cook tortillas over medium heat for 1min each side until it turn lightly brown.

4. 鸡肉放进烤炉200°c, 烤25-30分钟。

Baked chicken in oven at 200°c for 25-30min.

5. 将鸡胸肉拉丝,毛豆用水滚熟,包进饼皮里可以吃啦。Shredded the chicken breast, boiled edamame, wrap in tortilla, ready to eat now.

Enjoy your meal! It’s fingrr licking good.


This blog was started when I got Cookie (Golden retriever) into my house, initially is all about pets and then it extended to talk all about my life, my daughters Chestnut and Jane, my travel experiences, recipes and my passion towards art and crafts. So it kinds of "Rojak" blog, that tells about everything that I love and experience. And I'm happy with my "rojak" life.

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