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猪肉干食谱 Bak Gua recipe




Bak Gua is a must in Chinese New Year.

But Bak Gua is always very costly during chinese new year. Besidde that, we also concerned about the added preservatives and colouring in Bak Gua making outside.

Therefore it is better that we make our own Bak Gua. With these simple steps, you can make a safe, healthier and yummy bak gua at home.

材料 Ingredients:

肉碎 550克 (半肥瘦)minced pork 550g (mix fat and lean)

鱼露 1大匙 fish sauce 1 tbsp

生抽 4大匙 soys sauce 4 tbsp

绍兴酒 2大匙 shao xing wine 2 tbsp

麻油 2大匙 sesame oil 2 tbsp

耗油 1大匙 oyster sauce 1 tbsp

砂糖 2大匙 fine sugar 2 tbsp

蜂蜜 3大匙 honey 3 tbsp

胡椒和盐适量 salt and pepper seasoning.


步骤 Steps :

  1. 把全部材料混合,拌均匀,待一旁半小时。(拿一小撮肉,放进微波炉,煮熟,试一试口味需不需要再调)

Mix all ingredients and set aside for half hour. (Take a little bit of pork to cook in microwave oven, check the taste)

2. 挖一块肉团,放在烘培纸上,盖上另一张烘培纸,用擀面杖压平。

Take a small chunk, put on a piece of baking paper, then cover with another piece of baking paper, roll with rolling pin。

3. 压至肉片大约2-3mm。

Evenly rolled the minced pork on the tray with 2-3mm thick.

4. 肉面涂一层蜂蜜,然后放进烤炉,170°c 10-15 分钟。 边缘有点焦色,取出,翻面再涂上蜂蜜,继续烤大约10分钟。如果觉得不够干,可以再烤个5分钟,留意不要烧焦就好。

Brush a layer of honey on the meat slice, baked in oven at 170°c for 10-15 min. When the side turning brown, then you can flip over, and brush another layer of honey on the other side. Put back in oven to baked around 10min.If the meat still too moist, can baked another 5minutes, as long it is not over cooked.

这样就完成了。Then you can enjoy your Bak Gua.

这里大约有300克肉干,如果想要做更多,1Kg 猪肉,大约可以做700克肉干。

If you have a charcoal grill pit, you can try traditional way if making Bak gua. You need to sun dry the meat slice for a day first, then you only can grill it.
Another optional method is oven baked let the pork is cooked, you can keep in freezer. You can charcoal grill when you want to eat.

These can make up to around 300g Bak gua, if you wish to make more, 1kg mince pork get around 700g Bak Gua.

Happy cooking.


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