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十二生肖德国酥饼 Chinese Zodiac German cookies




PS: 不要放太多颜色粉,避免面团太干会导致烤时干裂。


As for your information, I had share the recipe earlier, kindly refer Piggy German Cookies

With the same recipe, you can make different pattern of Chinese new year cookies.
I made these 12 Chinese Zodiac animals cookie for your reference.
Green colouring – green tea powder
Red colouring- beetroot powder
Grey colouring- black sesame/ charcoal powder
Brown colouring – cocoa powder

PS: Try not to put too much colouring powder, the dough will become too dry, and it will crack when you baked.

Be creative!

头冠用剪刀剪 crown is cut by scissor.

与鸡头冠一样,用剪刀剪。 Same as horse, cut with scissor

Wish you happy baking!


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