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双色饺子 Duo colours dumplings



Chinese New Year is coming soon. Have you plan for your reunion dinner menu? How about making this duo colours dumplings, this colorful and flavorful cuisine will make your reunion dinner merrier.


Ingredients 材料:

Dumpling wrapper/skin 饺子皮

Plain flour 3 and half cups 中筋面3杯半

water 1 cup 白开水大约1杯

Beetroot 甜根 一小块(手掌心大)

Bayam or  spinach  芫菜或菠菜 一小撮


Fillings 馅料:

Pink dumpling (pork) 红色饺子(肉馅)

minced pork 300g 猪肉碎 300克

prawn (cut small pieces) 5-6 pieces 虾肉切块 5-6只

2 tbsp Soys sauce, 1 tbsp shaoxing wine, pinch of pepper. (Marinate for half hour)

两汤匙老抽和少许胡椒,一汤匙绍兴酒调味 (掩半小时)

Green dumpling (vegan) 绿色饺子(素食)

glass noodles (soak and cut shorter)  一小撮冬粉浸水至软,稍微剪短

Dried shiitake/ beech mushroom, sliced干冬菇/蘑菇,切丝

Black fungus , soak and sliced 黑木耳浸水至软,切丝

Leel/ chinese celery, shredded 菲菜/芹菜,切碎

Fried all ingredient, salt and pepper for seasoning 全部素食材料先一起炒爆香,盐,芝麻油和胡椒调味。


Procedures 步骤:

  1. 甜根和1/4杯水打成汁, 另外芫菜也是和1/4杯水打成汁。Beetroot + 1/4 cup of water, blend to juice. Same steps for bayam/spinach.

  2. 把甜根汁倒入1杯面粉中,用舀子让汁渗入面粉后,揉至光滑。盖起来15分钟。芫菜汁也一样的步骤。白色面团是一杯半的面粉加1/3杯水,揉至光滑,分成两份。如果面团非常粘手,可以加粉。

Beetroot juice mix with 1 cup of flour, knead until smooth surface. (cover with wet cloth and rest a side for 15min), same steps for spinach juice. Plain colour dough is 1 and half cup of flour mix with  1/3 cup water, add water little by little, knead until smooth surface. If the dough is sticky, can add a bit more flour or reduce the water amount. Cover with wet cloth and rest a side for half hour


3. 将白色面团包在颜色面团里,揉成长形。Wrap the plain colour dough inside the colour dough, roll into a long shape.

4. 从一边把面团切成一块块小面团。Cut the dough into smaller pieces.

5. 用木棒把小面团揉成薄片面皮。越薄越好。Row the dough into thin layer, as thin as possible.

6. 面皮好了就可以包饺子。Wrap in the fillings

7. 最后,你可以选择蒸,煎或水煮。Lastly, you can choose to steam, fry, boil or use for steamboat also can.




This can make up to roughly 55 dumplings, eat by dipping chili sauce or black vinegar are tasty. Must try!


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