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小猪德国一口酥 Piggy German Cookie

今年年饼–> 小猪德国一口酥

Happy Piggy chinese new year. This recipe is less sweet, strong butter taste and mild strawberry aroma. I natural ingredients and it melts in mouth.

Ingredients 材料:
125g Unsalted butter (sofete) 无盐奶油
125g Potato starch 马铃薯淀粉
90g Cake/ superfine flour 低筋面粉
20g Icing sugar 糖粉

20g Nesquik strawberry milk powder 草莓奶粉.

(如果不要 Nesquik,糖粉要用40克)

1/3 tsp of beetroot powder as colouring. 1/3 茶匙甜根粉

A little bit black sesame seeds 少许黑芝麻



做法步骤 procedures:

  1. 把奶油,糖粉和草莓奶粉混合,然后打发至稍微发白。Mix unsalted butter,icing powder and strawberry milk powder, beat until pale.


2. 筛入马铃薯淀粉和低筋面粉,用刮刀混合均匀。 Sieve the potato starch and cake flour, mix well with spatula.

3. 面团有点粘手。用刮刀把面团分3份,一份取出来加甜根粉调色,然后把全部面团冷藏30分钟。Dough is slightly sticky. Cut the dough into 3 portions, one portion mix with beetroot powder for colouring. Last keep all dough in fridge for at least 30min.

4. 取出一粒原色面团和粉色面团造型,如果面团还粘手,可以再冷藏多一下。Take one portion of plain dough at a time to shape with colour dough. If the dough still sticky, you can keep in fridge longer time.

猪眼睛是用牙签沾一点水,让黑芝麻粘在牙签上,再放到面团上当猪的眼睛。Using toothpick touch the water and pick up a black sesame to put on dough as pig eyes.

5. 成型后,烤炉烤150度, 15-20分钟。稍微推一推酥饼不粘底就好了。Baked at 150°c for 15-20min.


Tips 提醒:


Smaller size around 10g and do notnot overheated to prevent crack on the cookies. Natural Beetroot colour might slightly turn brown when heated, so recommend slightly darker redness when colouring. You also can substitute beetroot with strawberry powder, but strawberry powder you need to add more in order to be seens pink colour.




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