Mini Burger


Bread recipe:
I copy the American style cheese Bread recipe shared by my sister as it’s tasty and soft.

High Protein flour – 350g

Milk powder – 20g

Sugar – 50g

Salt – 1/4tsp

Yeast – 1 1/4tsp

Cold water / milk – 130ml

Egg – 1

Butter – 60g

Cream cheese – 80g


I used bread machine to mix the dough. Add cold water, egg, high protein flour, yeast, milk powder, cream cheese, sugar and salt into the machine and mix. (avoid touching yeast with salt)

Then after 10 minutes, add in the butter.

When it’s done, cut the dough into a few pieces of the size of your delight and gently roll in both palm in same circular motion into a ball shape. Cover the dough for final rising.

Baked the bread at 160C for 15-20min until it turns into golden brown colour.


Chicken Patty:

Minced chicken – 500g

1 big shallot

fresh rosemary

Pepper and salt (own preference)

pinch of ground mix herbs

1 egg
You can prepare the patty a day earlier before the party, finely chop the shallot and rosemary and mix everything together.
Let it marinate for 15 minutes then make it into small patty. Overnight in the freezer. Remember to separate the patty by cooking paper to make you easier to fry it later after you defroze.

Finally you cut some tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Spread some mayonnaise and tomato sauce, hold all the food with a stick in the middle.

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