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Baby Chestnut turning One


Just a blink of eyes, my baby Chestnut is turning one year old already. We decided to throw a birthday party for her during this Raya festive holiday.

So much thanks to all my family and friends who make it up that day. Special thanks to my mom, she helps to prepare so many scrumptious food, too bad we didn’t take any photos of all the food.


Every decorations and food (except the birthday cake) also diy by ourselves, throwing a party for your baby can so much cost saving if you enjoy do it by yourself.

For decorations cost, colour papers on the wall RM2.90 per pack (multi colour in one pack), Cupcake stand RM5.90 and balloons RM4.90 ( all boughts from Mr.DIY)


A few finger foods are suitable for party, you can refer to the recipe with the following links.

Mini Burger

Potato chicken pie

Chocolate cupcake

Popcake – I use Vanilla Pound cake and coated with dark chocolate. 


This is a lovely cake bought from Donutes, Chestnut loves it so much. She couldn’t stop staring at it and poke the cake with her finger.




The party goes singing birthday songs, blow the candles, cut the cake and unwrap birthday presents. It was such a wonderful day with so much laughter and care from everyone.

Hereby I want to wish my baby Chestnut Happy Birthday, be healthy, stay adorable and happy always.

Daddy and Mummy love you always.


This blog was started when I got Cookie (Golden retriever) into my house, initially is all about pets and then it extended to talk all about my life, my daughters Chestnut and Jane, my travel experiences, recipes and my passion towards art and crafts. So it kinds of "Rojak" blog, that tells about everything that I love and experience. And I'm happy with my "rojak" life.

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