Bukit Tinggi French village and Japanese Garden


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If you are planning to spend your weekend at a cooling and sentimental place, Little Lamb introduce you to visit to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. It’s not very far if you travel from Klang Valley by using East-coast highway to Kuantan.



Just simple explanation about the Bukit Tinggi trademark village- Colmar Tropicale which is a French-themed resort seated majestically on 80 acres of lush forestland, hovering 2,000 feet above sea level.



There are 260 units of hotel rooms and bedroom suites at the Colmar Tropicale are furnished in old style decor with wood and pastel finishes. You will feel like walking on a street in France, it is a place suitable for couples and family to hangout.

DSCF4607DSCF4624It was raining and the weather cooling, we decided to find a cafe to grab a cup of hot coffee and cake. There was a lady in French tradition costume give us some free biscotti from her basket.


We were entertained by this Acapella singers performing the “Twinkle twinkle little star” lullaby to a baby guest.


Before you leave the Colmar Tropicale, remember to walk down the stair near the entrance to see the beautiful swan.



Next, we move to see the Japanese Garden. You can travel by car or by shuttle bus up to the hill. There, you need to climb uphill by foot to reach the garden, don’t worry, it’s just a short distance only.


Few attractions available at this place. Garden, Tea House, SPA, Suite, Restaurant and Botanical Garden. Take note that you are now at 3500 feet above sea level.DSCF4519

The Japanese Garden, situated at the top of the hill, is built with buildings in Japanese styles. The cooling weather and the sound from the streams here makes the environment feels calm and peaceful.



Chestnut enjoyed a lot during this trip. DSCF4549DSCF4551DSCF4557DSCF4534



There are other activities such as Rabbit farm, horse riding and paintball field. Please visit to the official website of Bukit Tinggi.

Entrance fees (Colmar Tropicale & japanese garden):
Adult- RM12 per person

Child- RM8 per person

Rabbit farm – RM3 per person

On the way back KL/Selangor, you may drop by to Janda Baik for a meal or visit the Purple Cane Tea restaurant.

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