Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia 2014 (CAFFA)

Yesterday wasn’t any ordinary lazy Sunday because we spent it at the Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia 2014 (CAFFA) (26-28 Sept 2014) held at Publika, Kuala Lumpur.


We woke up late and went straight to Publika to grab our late brunch at La Casa. We order a big breakfirst for two, a glass of ice cappuccino and a cup of long black, which we regretted later for ordering coffee. Not because it doesn’t taste good, but there are so many quality coffee free for testing in CAFFA!


After the brunch, we went into the hall where the exhibition located. It really shock us to see the hall was so crowded with coffee lovers.


There were quite a lot of coffee related organizatiosn involved in this festival, such as Espressolab, Coffee Societe, Nescafe, Dankoff, Lavazza, Illy coffee and etc.



 Of Course free coffeessssss!!! This day was a day for coffee and be caffeinated!

This was the first time I tried Cascara (Coffee Cherry tea), this Cascara Pop was the creation of Coffeestain. The taste was a bit funny to me, may be it just not my cup of tea.


Besides coffee exhibitions, there also have plenty other events such as stage performance, doodle competition, art exhibition and Asia coffee symposium feature by 16 industry speakers.


After a long day, we finally bought two packets of house blend coffee beans from Espressolab. Tested one of it today and I like it! This is a dark roasted bean, served well with milk. Will try another medium roasted bean later.



Looking forward for CAFFA 2015, it will be a breadth of coffee experiences not to be missed.



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