Get rid of your dog for the baby


“No, you should not keep the dog as it’s not good for your baby!”


Yes, above statement are told by most people when we are expecting our baby Chestnut. Their concern are furs, hygiene, allergies and security issues. Nevertheless, these issues are a risk to newborn babies, BUT……

There is a will, there always a way.


There’s no easy way out, we put a lot of efforts to make it works. You may refer to the ASPCA website on Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby, I found it very helpful.

Besides that, according to the new research found that children who live with dogs and cats during the first year of life less likely to developed allergies to those animals in later years. Study: Living With Pets May Protect Infants From Allergies

Well, Little Chestnut is two months old now. We will try our best to take care both of them, looking forward that Cookie and Chestnut can be best friend ever.







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