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Wedding reception in KL

After the first round of the wedding reception at my hometown, I had another reception in Kuala Lumpur. As Chinese’s tradition, we need to hang the red cloth on the door to show that we are having a “happy” occasion. (喜事)

Red Cloth on the door

Cookie was happily back to home.

Cookie happy to be home

Cookie with heart

For the KL wedding reception preparation, my friend and I had prepared a lot of props for the photo booth.

Photo Booth props

Cookie fun time
Cookie fun time with the props after the reception
Say Cheese!!
Say Cheese!!

These props have made the reception a great fun. I save a lot of cost by do it by ourselves. 

Fun time

My wedding reception held in Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine, it was a nice restaurant with cosy ambience. The food was delicious too.

Wedding Reception

This blog was started when I got Cookie (Golden retriever) into my house, initially is all about pets and then it extended to talk all about my life, my daughters Chestnut and Jane, my travel experiences, recipes and my passion towards art and crafts. So it kinds of "Rojak" blog, that tells about everything that I love and experience. And I'm happy with my "rojak" life.

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