The Beagle survive from the Gas Chamber

Three weeks ago, a stray Beagle Mix was loaded into a gas chamber with 18 other dogs marked for death in an animal shelter in Florence, Alabama.


The animal control officer, Berry said he locked the chamber door, turned a key and pressed a button that releases carbon monoxide into the chamber.


After a while when he returned, he heard something moving inside the chamber and opened the door, amazingly he saw a Beagle mix stood right up and walked right out wagging its tail. He survived while the rest of the dogs were dead.


He was then given the name as Daniel, for the bible story about the slave who survived a lion’s den.


Today, Daniel were sent to a Eleventh Hour volunteer Jill Pavlik at Rochelle Park, New Jersey until the organization finds an appropriate home for him.
After what he had gone through, I believe Daniel deserves a good premanent home. 

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