The most Romantic Love Lizards

A photographer from the Ukraine, Tymoshenko Alexey was accidentally captured a moment in which a male lizard present a bouquet of flowers to lizard girlfriend. When she climbs up to accept the flower, the protected lizards form a heart shape.
The female loses balance and dramatically slips and falls off the plant – only for her new love to dive down and catch her.


Photographer Alexey Tymoshenko said:


‘I took these pictures in the back of my parents house in Ukraine. I’ve been visiting there ever since I left home,’ Alexey, 19, said.


‘When I was a child one of my favourite things I used to do was play in the garden and watch the lizards.


‘Usually 30 minutes is enough for them to understand you won’t do them any harm and now I can photograph them without them being afraid of me.


‘But I never thought they could be so passionate and helpful to each other. It was amazing watching one drop and the male dive to catch her.


‘And I was especially surprised by the scene with the flower – I’m not a specialist and don’t know what it means but it really looked like one lizard is proposing.’

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