Best Friend Forever

A 6-year-old Great Dane, Lily after a rare medical problem called entropion caused her eyelashes to grow into her eyeballs, leaving them so severely damaged that they had to be removed.
Lily was only 18 months old when the illness took away her both eyes. Ever since Lily’s best pal Maddison, a 7-year-old Great Dane, had become Lily’s guide dog, leading Lily by her leash or by barking so she can hear.
Sadly, the pair was given up by their previous owners in July, and Lily and Maddison have been awaiting a forever home.
The local newspaper Shropshire Star spotlighted Maddison’s amazing ability to guide Lily, reported that the pair had been inseparable for the last five years. Maddison leads Lily around when they are out, walking close to her and touching her to let the blind dog know where to go.
Louise Campbell, manager of Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, said:


“They curl up together to go to sleep and they are very vocal with each other.”


“We haven’t analysed their different barks but if Lily wants to go forward and Maddison is in her way, the bark will have a different pitch.”


“Everything they do involves close contact, they check in with each other all the time”

“They have developed such a strong bond, they always know what the other is doing, so we wouldn’t split them up, that would be quite unfair to both dogs.”


Now Lily and Maddison are waiting at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, UK for a loving owner that can love and take care of them.


Anyone interested in rehoming Lily and Maddison should call Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on (01952) 770225, visit the centre at Roden Lane Farm, Telford or visit Dogs Trust Shrewsbury.

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