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World’s Ugliest Dogs Contest

World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is an annual contest held in Petaluma, California, U.S.. The winners of the contest will receive USD $1,000 cheque and significant publicity for winning the contest, appearing on talk shows and in newspapers around the world.


The contest has been going on for 22 years. Below are few winners of the recent years.


Year 2000-2001, Winner: Nana

Breed: Un-identified likely to be a mutt

Year 2002, Winner: Rascal

Breed: A pure-bred Chinese Crested

 Year 2003 – 2005, Winner: Sam

Breed: A blind Chinese Crested

Year 2006, Winner: Archie

Breed: Chinese Crested

Year 2007, Winner: Elwood

Breed: a Chinese Crested-Chihuahua mixed breed

Year 2008, Winner: Gus

Breed: a Chinese Crested

Year 2009, Winner: Miles Egstad

Breed: a Boxer Mix

Year 2010, Winner: Princess Abby

Breed: a ChiHuaHua

Year 2011, Winner: Yoda

Breed: Chinese Crested/chihuahua mix

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