Am I ASKING too much or You are PUSHING too hard?

I have a dog staying with me in my apartment. Luckily my dog doesn’t barks, therefore I can keep from being complaint for annoying the neighbours.


So I have a routine, I will often bring my dog to a nearby empty field to stretch its’ muscle. As my car park just a few steps infront of my house, so normally I will put my dogs in the car and do this quietly.


Recently I was accidentally let one of my neighbour saw my dog when i bring it to my car. As expected, she immediately lodge a complaint to management and send me the warning letter. The warning letter demand me to remove my dog in two weeks time.


I know I’m not allowed to keep dogs in the apartment, but I already kept it for nearly a year. So you made the complaints, are you suggesting me to send it to SPCA or euthanasia? Or you don’t even concerned of the dog to be alive or dead?


I am sorry that I break the rules, but I never make any disturbing things to my neighbours. If my neighbour did not see my dog, she don’t even notice of it’s presence.


I already make ways to keep my dog silent and invisible, why don’t you give ways too? So……



The “no dogs rules” were set to avoid any environmental impacts such as odours, hygiene and noises, but now it becomes a bias reason for those who dislike dogs.

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