Ten Most Ridiculous Pet Inventions

1. Rear Gear

Rear Gear is a fun and enchanting way of covering your pet’s rear while boosting their confidence!”

Basically this a cardboard cut out that covers your dog’s butt for a few seconds before being chewed off or removed by someone with more sense then the dog’s owner. 

2. Dogbrella

3. Pawsense

“Cat Proof” software to detect your cats using your pc.

4. Poop Freeze

Poop-Freeze is a poop-freezer in aerosol form which freeze your pet’s fresh, warm, squishy pile of poop easier for pick up.

5. Dog Beer

Dogs also need “Happy Hour”?

6. Poop Trap

This really looks ridiculous!!


7. Hot Doll for Dogs

A Sex toy for dogs.

8. Pets Translator

Japan design this device to tell you which of 6 kinds of emotions your dog is trying to express – joy, sadness, self-expression, desire, frustration and fear.

9. Dog Powered Scooter

Exercising by taking your dog out for a walk is not only fun, it also make us healthier!!

With this Dog Powered Scooter, the poor dogs do all the works!! So where is the fat-burning fun?

10. Doggone Thong

This is a Gas Neutralizing Pad use to eliminate pet odors and dog odors from flatus or flatulence.

So is there any “Man-gone Thong” for human?


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