A Mistake! A Decision! A LIFE!!!!

Euthanasia (Put to sleep)  is define as the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering. But when Euthanasia were taken not because to relieve the pain or suffering of the one, is that called murder or killing?
Recently, I just heard a story from a friend about her friend, Jim just put his dog to sleep.


Jim had two German Shepherds, named Lucy (3years old female) and Lex (1year old male). Lucy were adopted a few years ago, while Lex were adopted just a year ago.
Lucy is friendly and energenic, Lex also very energenic and playful but he has barking issue that caused complaints from the neighbour hoods. Therefore Jim put a “stop barking collar” (or shock collar) that stop Lex from making more noises.


Lex and Lucy never really have chance to interact or play with each other. As Lucy was kept at the facade and night time will sleep with Jim, while Lex was allow to play at the house area during day time but night time will kept at the back yard. Lex was not allow to sleep with Jim because Lex may get aggressive sometimes. For once, Lex gone out of control and bite Jim’s face, a few stitches on the wound.


Recently Jim’s sister, Ann, came to stay with Jim for a few months. During the stay, Ann took care of both Lucy and Lex when Jim went to work.


One day , Lex was playing with his favourite toy at home, Lex bite and shake his toy and he accidentally threw his toy under the sofa. Lex aggressively scratching the floor, wishing to retrieve his toy. Ann tried to calm Lex but Lex gave her the warning growls and snarls. At the mean time, Lucy heard the growls and she kept barking at Lex from the door.


To stop these annoys, Ann decided to tie Lex up with the leash. When Ann tried to put the leash over Lex’s head, Lex suddenly gone aggressive and attack Ann’s both arm. The bites caused serious wound and blood splash out all over the floor. After a few attacks, Lex finally calm down and he sniff the blood on the floor, he suddenly realise that he had hurt Ann and he kneel down and look guiltily at Ann.


Ann quickly tied up Lex and called Jim to come back home. When Jim arrived his house, he saw Ann’s blood was all over at the living room, so he quickly sent Ann to hospital for treatment. After the wound management, the doctor said the injury had cause some damage to the arm nerve, even after the wound recovered, the fingers movement won’t be so active.
Due to disappointment of Lex’s aggressive behavior, Jim decided to put Lex to sleep.


Before bring Lex to the Veterinary, Jim’s wife bathed, played and feed Lex. Lex was so innocent and happily enjoyed his delicious last meal. When arrived the clinic, the veterinarian asked Jim to reconsider and suggested that may have some organisations such as police or security force that may interested to adopt Lex. But Jim had made up his mind and he did not wish that Lex will hurt anyone anymore.


Lex was put on a table by the veterinarian. Lex was holding his favourite toy in his mouth and wagged his tail looking at Jim. Jim trying to remove Lex’s toy, but Lex grip tightly do not want to release it.


The Vet asked Jim to hold on Lex and the drug was injected. Lex whine and breath heavily, but after struggle a while Lex felt weak and finally lied on the table. The Vet noted Lex still breathing, therefore he gave Lex a second injection. The drug finally taken Lex’s last breath, Lex close his eyes and finally let go of his favourite toy.


This is a very sad story. I believe there are many other alternative ways to let the story continues. There always a better way.


Although our pets rely on us, but does it means that we have the right to take or decide on their life? No one born to belongs to anybody.


A mistake Lex did, A decision Jim made, ends A precious LIFE!!! Therefore think twice before you made the decision. LOVE  LIFE


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