Pure Breed Vs Mixed Breed

Can’t make up your mind to go for Pure or Mixed Breed?

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pure Breed



Predictable physical traits
(Physical traits such as size, coat, and colour)

You have to accept with the predicted traits of the dog
(You have to research the breed’s predicted traits before you buy/adopt)
Predictable temperament/behavior traits. Buying purebred dogs will be more expensive.
Somewhat can determine the health status and common health concerns for the dog.

Deliberate inbreeding, including mother-to-son, father-to-daughter and brother-to-sister matings was said to result in serious genetic disease being perpetuated in many breeds.
(Eg: Some pugs have breathing problems that arise from inbreeding)

Purebred dogs are TYPICALLY predictable physical traits and behavior, but NOT GUARANTEED.

A well bred purebred will be a result between two HEALTHY parents who have been as thoroughly screened for health problems. While the poorly bred purebred is much more likely have various health problems common to its breed.

Mixed Breed



Some studies have shown that mixed breed dogs live longer lives and fewer health problems when compared to purebred dogs.

Little or no knowledges about the mix bred’s parent hereditary health problems or temperament, as this can be a big part in the disposition of the puppies.
They’re readily available from your nearest animal shelter and are inexpensive when compared to a purebred puppy, as long as you choose one that’s healthy. Hard to determine the health status.
One-of-a-kind unique appearance and characteristic.

Inability to predict the physical traits such as size, coat-type, or temperament.

Some owners value a dog’s pedigree as a status symbol, while some appreciate or have an emotional attachment to the physical or behavioral traits of certain breeds.

No matter Pure breed or Mixed breed, both are wonderful in their own ways.

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