Meaningful visit to Ti-ratana Welfare Center

One day my friends and I were discussing about plans to do during weekend, so out of sudden thoughts, I think why don’t we do something meaningful rather than just window shopping in the shopping malls. Therefore I contacted Ti-ratana Welfare center to ask whether we can make a visit, and Yes, they do allowed visitors. For your information, Ti-ratana Welfare… Read more →

Semi backpack trip to New Zealand from age 10 months old to 70 years old

I always get overwhelmed with traveling stories, but all the travel books sold in bookstore are mostly about “How to travel alone”, “How to travel extremely hard by myself”, “How far I can travel alone” and etc. How about travelling with your parents and children? Our journey will be more meaningful to travel together with them. Therefore this New Zealand… Read more →

Europe trip with baby- Keukenhof and Volendam (Day 3)

Day 3 Visit to Keukenhof and Volendam in Netherlands Today we had simple breakfast with bread and 3 in 1 cereal pack (brought from home), then get ready to go Keukenhof garden to see tulips. Keukenhof also known as the Garden of Europe, it is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. It took us about 40minutes to reach Keukenhof which was located… Read more →

Europe trip with baby- Cologne, Netherlands, Belgium and Paris (Day 1)

We bought our air tickets through Air France at RM5980 for three of us to and flow, arrival at Frankfurt, Germany and last day depart from Paris, France. Day 1- Frankfurt – Cologne (Germany) Arrived in Frankfurt around 10am, we took the train to Frankfurt (M) Hauptwache station to pick up our car from Europecar company. This save us $30, as it will charge… Read more →